Control Every Step of Your Supply Chain

Cutting-edge order automation and supplier management platform to help manufacturers increase collaboration, enhance visibility, and improve lead-time accuracy.

Actionable Intelligence

Gain a complete business view with real-time notifications on critical events and milestones and streamline processes accordingly.

Streamlined Workflows

Simplify workflows by avoiding endless spreadsheets, emails, and calls. Keep all your stakeholders on a centralized platform.

Seamless Integration

Achieve digital data exchange and remove process inefficiencies by integrating with a multi-ERP environment, ensuring smooth data flow.

See. Control. Succeed

Lead Time Accuracy

Optimize lead times by collaborating with suppliers and gaining visibility into supply operations and processes.

Centralized Workspaces

Gain insights into order, booking, and shipment documentation by working collaboratively with suppliers using dedicated workgroups and workspaces on a centralized platform.

Document Centralization

Access, share, and manage all essential documents in one centralized hub anywhere, anytime. Ensure precise version control and accuracy in document management.

Eliminate Human Error with Automation

Process your Purchase Orders automatically. Both buyers and suppliers get reliable data and real-time visibility with no manual data entry. 

How Quloi Helps

Order Automation

Simplify and automate the PO lifecycle to achieve a single source of truth, enabling easy order creation, tracking, and modification.

Enhanced Logistics Visibility

Optimize routes, manage capacity, and enable accurate tracking and delivery information. Stay updated on expected arrival times and waiting periods.

Streamline Collaboration

Reduce the time, expenses, and potential risks associated with manual document exchanges with your suppliers. Foster seamless collaboration on orders and shipments.

Performance Tracking and Improvement

Track performance metrics using supplier scorecards and identify improvement areas to boost efficiency and service quality.

Achieve a Single
Version of the Truth

Connect with your existing systems and third-party
vendors on a unified platform to see every phase of
your purchase orders and shipments.


Eliminate data silos, optimize processes, predict outcomes, and make confident decisions based on accurate, real-time, and actionable data.

Enhanced Collaboration
and Productivity

Foster teamwork and elevate productivity by attaining connection, clarity, and context throughout your supply chain.

Reduce bullwhip effects by coordinating more
effectively with stakeholders.

Track Supplier

Strengthen supplier relationships by managing
their performance based on on-time delivery,
quality, price variance, and responsiveness.

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