Connect the Dots
of Your Supply

Quloi’s platform is built to integrate a wide range of tools that you use every day, including ERPs, IMS, fulfillment solutions, freight management platforms, and more.

Integrate with the services you
count on to run your business.

Empowering logistics companies to operate more efficiently,
enhance visibility, and improve decision-making.

Microservices Architecture

Stay agile and scalable to adapt
as your business grows.

API-First Approach

Effortlessly connect with third-party tools, ensuring interoperability and reducing implementation time.

Cloud-Native Infrastructure

Experience reliable availability, quick deployment, and strong data security.

Featured Integrations

Flexible ERP

Our platform offers seamless integration with the most common ERP touchpoints, ensuring a smooth data flow and real-time synchronization.

Take your operations beyond the standard ERP
components with features tailored to your
unique business needs.

Streamlined Operations Management

Simplify order processing, streamline
inventory tracking, and manage financial
data with ease. Bid farewell to delays and
welcome faster order fulfillment.

Accurate Data Insights

Eliminate errors and gain precise financial
records and supply chain information.

Effortless Freight &
Logistics Tracking

Logistics complexities often result in increased costs and
inefficiencies in tracking shipments and meeting delivery timelines.

Cost-Efficient Logistics

Track shipments across ocean, air, and trucking, from PO issuance to final delivery. Stay in complete control and gain real-time visibility to help you reduce transportation costs and implement more cost-effective operations.

Streamlined Operations

Synchronize crucial data such as sales orders, transfer orders, shipment statuses, and inventory levels effortlessly.


Poor communication can lead to
misunderstandings and delays in decision-making.

Real-Time Collaboration

Stay connected on the go with all supply chain
partners for faster decision-making, improved
teamwork, and smoother processes.

Easy Notifications

Receive real-time notifications directly on your
preferred communication tools, such as Slack
and Teams. Remain updated on important
developments, reducing response times

IoT Integration

Businesses often grapple with manual data
capture, which can be time-consuming and
prone to errors.

Automated Data Capture

Automate data capture process, reducing the
need for manual data entry. This results in
time savings and greater accuracy in your

Enhanced Supplier and Vendor Performance

Monitor real-time supplier and vendor
performance metrics with ease. Gain insights,
make informed decisions, and optimize your
supplier relationships.

Local Customs
Broker Integration

Complex customs procedures and customs broker
management can result in delays, communication
gaps, and additional costs.

Efficient Import/Export Operations

Streamline your interactions with local
customs authorities and customs brokers,
ensuring swift clearance, reducing the risk of
supply chain disruptions, and optimizing your
logistics operations.

Cost Savings and Risk Mitigation

Minimize the risk associated with delayed
shipments and costs. Make your logistics
operations more cost-effective, efficient,
and reliable.

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