Turn Your Suppliers into Strategic

Take a complete lifecycle approach to managing
suppliers, from onboarding to ongoing
performance assessment.

Enable your Suppliers
to do Their Best Work

 Quloi can help you unlock the full potential of your supply chain with effective supplier management. Ease supplier management, streamline operations, and improve supply chain resilience, thereby driving cost efficiency.

Order Automation

Seamlessly guide every
order, from placement to
delivery, eliminating errors
and delays.

End to End Visibility

Instantly access vital supplier data for precise estimations and seamless order fulfillment, covering inventory, lead times, pricing, and tracking.

Supply Chain Collaboration

Attain seamless coordination among stakeholders, including buyers, suppliers, logistics providers, carriers, regulators, and customs agents.

Supplier Performance

Simplify supplier onboarding, automate performance ratings, and encourage proactive reviews to strengthen supplier relationships.

Key Capabilities of Quloi Platform


Experience an Intuitive and user-friendly supplier onboarding process that simplifies supplier
registration and data collection.

Automated Data Collection

Reduce manual input with
automated data gathering.

Document Management

Manage and validate necessary
documents during the onboarding process.

Track Real Time Progress

Monitor Suppliers’ onboarding
progress in real-time.

Supplier Self Service

Empower suppliers to complete
onboarding tasks independently.


Use performance scorecards to collaborate with suppliers and raise the bar of performance and enhance strategic relationships.

Proactively collaborate with suppliers
on new

Centralize Supplier

Centralize supplier documentation with
supplier certifications and documentation for
quick visibility and more efficient audit and
compliance management.

Supplier Scorecards

Integrate survey-based insights with real-time
performance data from your ERP and supply
chain applications, followed by actionable
improvement plans that your suppliers


Reduce third-party and supplier costs Deliver better business results by optimizing performance and eliminating poor performers.

Strengthen supplier relationships

Enhance collaboration and transparency with better performance visibility and communication.

Compliance Management

Continuously assess supplier performance in real
time measured against your own configurable
benchmarks — both quantitative and qualitative.

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