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Meet Quloi CEO, Matt Goker

Matt Goker | CEO of Quloi

A visionary entrepreneur and business leader, Goker specializes in logistics, supply chain management, business operations, and software development. He founded Quloi with a goal to facilitate a resilient, optimized and fully-connected chain.

Why Connect with Matt?


Learn how Quloi streamlines
your supply chain operations


Discuss your unique
supply chain challenges


Understand how you can
overcome challenges with possible mitigation techniques


Dive into the latest
supply chain innovations

Quloi Features


Streamlined PO Management

Quloi simplifies the management of purchase
orders between buyers and suppliers, offering
precise visibility across the entire supply chain.

Automated Process

Quloi automates every step of the process,
allowing seamless communication within the
context of each PO line. No more frustrating
hours spent chasing emails and spreadsheets.

Manage by Exception

Quloi empowers buyers to focus on what truly
matters by managing purchase orders by
exception. No more sifting through unnecessary
details – concentrate on the critical aspects.

Real-Time Visibility

Gain accurate visibility across the supply chain in real-time, empowering you to make informed decisions promptly.

ERP Integration

Quloi seamlessly integrates with your ERP
system, ensuring that every relevant piece of
data is automatically updated. No more
surprises or misses with suppliers.

Intelligent Automation

Experience intelligent automation that simplifies
processes and eliminates manual efforts, allowing
you to focus on strategic priorities.