Quloi Use Case: Centralized Booking Management

One hundred forty thousand tons of cargo are shipped by air worldwide daily, worth $19.6 billion. The massive cargo shipments require a collaborative approach for buyers and forwarders. However, to ensure on-time and successful delivery of cargo shipments every time, it is crucial to get booking management done right.


Understanding the different languages of suppliers and forwarders through disparate systems and reporting formats is no less of a challenge. Tracking shipments across this fragmented landscape becomes time-consuming, with inconsistencies and errors. Packaging details, volatile quotes, timelines, and forwarder options are dispersed across multiple channels, hindering visibility and creating a chaotic decision-making process. This complex web of data from various suppliers and forwarders highlights the need for a centralized, integrated solution to simplify and streamline booking management. 

Read the Use Case and discover how you can streamline booking management:

  • Obtain visibility into every booking milestone to minimize booking discrepancies.
  • Request rates from multiple forwarders instantly, receive quotes digitally.
  • Chat Support to negotiate the best rates with your freight forwarder.
  • Accurate and real-time cargo information.
  • Actionable notifications on booking and shipment status.
  • Ability to manage origin and destination operations in a single booking

Simplify and Streamline Booking Management

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