Supplier Document Management:
A Quloi Use Case

Do inaccuracies and errors inflate your supply chain operations? Nearly every supply chain leader answers yes: their operations are inflated due to poor document management.     

Working towards 100% efficiency requires organizational focus to ensure simplified document management for streamlined workflows – from purchase orders and invoices to shipping documents and quality certifications.


Let’s take a look at the emerging trends:

  • Almost 65% of respondents said streamlining and automating manual processes would help reduce the complexity and cost of risk and compliance.
  • According to IBM, the average cost of data breaches for organizations with high levels of compliance failure reached $5.57 million vis-à-vis the mean cost of $4.35 million.
  • 74% of procurement and third-party risk leaders are struggling to comply with emerging supply chain regulations.

Mastering Operational Efficiency with Document Management:
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Our Use Case Supplier Document Management discusses the challenges faced by suppliers and buyers, key industry trends, and how a centralized repository is more than a solution, how supplier document management system simplifies processes, reduces errors, and safeguards against compliance issues, ultimately contributing to a more efficient and reliable supply chain.