Quloi Supercharges Collaboration and Visibility with Powerful PO and Booking Features

Advanced PO and booking management

Quloi, an agile technology firm delivering digital supply chain solutions, announced a significant update to it’s flagship Quloi platform. This update introduces new features designed to streamline workflows, improve data transparency, and empower stakeholders across the supply chain. It is the latest addition to the Quloi platform, which already offers order management, supplier management, action-based collaboration, and end-to-end visibility for manufacturers and distributors.

Buyer Booking and Packaging: Depending on the Incoterms, buyers can select from multiple forwarders and make the optimal arrangement for each shipment leg collaboratively with their suppliers. Suppliers can now provide more detailed cargo information by adding the packaging details, ensuring accurate shipment planning and cost estimation.

Digital Quotes: Buyers can request rate quotes directly from multiple forwarders within the platform, fostering transparency and eliminating email threads. All quotes are documented within the system, improving accountability and auditability.

Slack & Teams Integration: There is no need to switch between multiple products. Keep working on your daily collaboration tools and get directly updated by Quloi notifications in these platforms. (i.e., Slack and Teams). This enhances workflow efficiency and reduces context switching. Additionally, buyers can perform key tasks like approving quotes and commenting on shipments directly through familiar interfaces.

Role-Based Approvals & Self-Authorization: Companies can define granular access and approval levels based on roles and departments, ensuring proper oversight, and streamlining internal workflows.

Custom Broker Profile: Introducing a new user profile for customs brokers now facilitates expanded collaboration and visibility to include customs clearance processes. This eliminates communication bottlenecks and provides real-time updates on shipment status.

About Quloi

Quloi is an agile SaaS technology firm focused on quantified logistics solutions that transform the global supply chain management market. Combining Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, predictive algorithms, and extensive logistics experience, the company is providing solutions designed to optimize the supply chain and related processes. A spin-off of the technology division of a leading global logistics provider, Quloi leverages the specialization of its experienced technology and logistics professionals to drive supply chain digitalization. In addition to its New York headquarters, the company maintains offices in India, Turkey and Mexico.